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May 2022

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2021-22 Global Learning Wall Planner ready to download or order!

Focusing on ‘10 Ways to Reboot the Future’, and providing discussion questions linked to global events and festivals throughout the year, this year's Global Learning Wall Planner sits alongside our How Will You Reboot the Future? campaign. Download a PDF or order your own copy for the classroom.

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    Illustration for monthly theme of Wealth

    Theme: Wealth

    Being wealthy means having a lot of something valuable - like money or resources.

    Many of the richest countries today (including the UK) became wealthy when they stole people, resources, and land from other countries, and although richer countries now trade with and give money and support known as ‘foreign aid’ to poorer countries, they take much more than that from them through international debt and not paying taxes. If we want to create a fairer world, we need to care more about each other and the planet than we do about creating wealth, and find better ways to share with people who have less than us.

  • Cover image: International Workers Day

    International Workers Day

    Every year on the 1st of May. 

    Celebrating working people, their organisations and their rights all over the world.