Share your Resources

Want to see your educational resources on Global Dimension? Find out what we're looking for and apply below.

Global Dimension is an education resource platform run by Reboot the Future.  We host resources on sustainability, social justice, cultural awareness, mental health and everything in between to help educators looking to introduce a global perspective into their classroom. If you think your resources contribute to raising a new generation of compassionate, conscientious students ready to tackle the world’s challenges, then we’d love to hear from you. 

We don't charge fees for hosting resources on Global Dimension. We believe that we're stronger when we come together, and we love the part we play in bringing together a large network of educators and organisations working to create a better future. We will share your resources with our community of 200,000 website users, as well as over 16,500 educators who subscribe to our monthly newsletter. In return, we'd love it if you share our platform with your own networks and communities.

Whether you’d prefer us to host your resource directly on our site for teachers to download, or you’d like us to send teachers through to your own website to access your resources, we are adaptable and would love to discuss with you about how we can work together.

The main criteria for a Global Dimension resource is that it: 

  • Focuses on education, not campaigning or fundraising.
  • Relates to at least one of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
  • Promotes the development of positive values and attitudes, and an outlook that encourages active participation, co-operation, respect for cultural diversity and democratic citizenship.
  • Challenges stereotypes and discrimination, and promote social inclusion.
  • Provides opportunities for active learning.

If you are interested in sharing your resources with our Global Dimension community then please fill out the form below. If your resources are what we're looking for then we'll be in touch.