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Global Education Week

Every third week of November.

Highlighting the role of education in building a better world.

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About the event

Global Education Week is organised by the Council of Europe to raise awareness about the importance of education in bringing about a more sustainable and equitable world. Global education is intended to teach global citizenship, an understanding of other cultures and a compassionate outlook. The week is also used to explore the latest and best education methods that raise students ready to tackle the challenges of today in a caring, inclusive environment. Initiatives are held throughout Europe, if you’d like to get your school involved follow this link.

How to approach it

At its core, global education is about connections. We want the citizens of tomorrow to see beyond divisions like class, race and nation. We want them to work together globally to ensure a fair, green and prosperous future for everyone. And, we want them to learn this in an institution which embodies the values they are learning about. This means that Global Education seeks to instil values of multiculturalism, compassion and peacebuilding. At the same time it aims to reinforce students' understanding of global issues and how to solve them. 

In Others Shoes is an excellent lesson pack for introducing ideas of compassion and intercultural connection. Alternatively, exploring another culture through encouraging curiosity, finding similarities and differences is a great way to approach this. These packs on West African, Polish, Arabic, or Native American culture are great places to start. 

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Conversation starter

This week celebrates the ways global education can create a more sustainable and equitable world. Why is it important to learn about issues and perspectives from other countries? How does it help us to become better citizens?