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The Great Big Green Week

Every September. 

The largest green week held across the UK.

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About the event

The Great Big Green Week is one of the largest environmental events held in the UK. First organised by The Climate Coalition in 2021, the first year had over 5,000 community events held throughout the country. From green weeks and film festivals to school assemblies and forest walks there is an endless amount of variety and something for everyone. This is a week to engage with your local community on the most pressing issues of our time. It can be used for any number of things such as building local green community networks, educating about climate change, attending talks or celebrating our green spaces. 

How to approach it

This week is all about getting stuck in to everything on offer. Check out the Great Big Green Week’s website for a list of events in your area. If you can’t find much, this is your opportunity to organise something. This could be small like an assembly, a quick exercise in the classroom or a larger event like a walk or fete that involves the larger community. 

For some inspiration, The Climate Coalition have produced a pack on fun ways to engage students in climate action. If you’d like to take this week as an opportunity to educate your students about climate change, this Friends of the Earth pack Climate Justice, Hope and Action does so in a positive way bound to inspire. Alternatively, you could focus on enhancing your student’s connection with nature with Groundwork’s Urban Nature Challenge. Or, if you’d like to do something both cathartic and creative you could try the Global Dimension Award winning Writing Letters to the Earth.