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Racism news-literacy resources

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A range of activities to help learners to tackle the big stories in depth and think critically in an age of fake news. Help learners to explore questions like: What is prejudice? What does discrimination look like? Whose responsibility is it to end racism? This download also includes advice on managing sensitive conversations with young people and contains links to further anti-racism resources.

If you work in a school, use them to get thoughtful discussions going in as little as 20 minutes such as in form/pastoral time. These resources can also be used at home: whether you're a home-educator keen to embed the news in your curriculum or a parent who enjoys kitchen-table conversations.

The Economist Educational Foundation are an independent charity that was set up from inside The Economist in 2012. Their mission is to change young people’s lives by giving them the skills to think and speak for themselves about current affairs.

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Equality, Social Justice

Age Ranges

KS2: ages 7-11, KS3: ages 11-14


Citizenship, PSHE / PSE / PSED

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