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Roleplaying a Teachers' Strike

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This lesson plan created by the Morningside Center uses roleplay to introduce students experientially to the concept of a strike, including some of its risks and benefits. 

Here the teacher plays the role of ‘district superintendent’ and students play the role of teachers. By having to make decisions about whether to strike, and by defending their reasoning, students will better understand the risks and benefits of the choice to strike, both for the teachers themselves and for the school district as a whole.

This lesson is suited to KS3+, but could be adapted for KS2.

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Compassionate Values, Equality, Globalisation and Interdependence, Industry and Economy, Peace, Conflict and Justice, Politics and Government, Production and Consumption, Social Justice

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KS2: ages 7-11, KS3: ages 11-14, KS4: ages 14-16, KS5: ages 16+


Citizenship, Drama, Economics, Philosophy / P4C / Critical thinking, PSHE / PSE / PSED, Spiritual, moral, social, cultural (SMSC), Tutor/Form Groups

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