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World Environment Day

Taking place on 5th June every year.

Raising awareness of the need to preserve and enhance the environment.

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This Day, declared by the UN General Assembly, aims to deepen public awareness of the need to preserve and enhance the environment. The date recalls the opening day of the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment (Stockholm, 1972), which led to the establishment of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). Each year has a different theme. For 2017 the theme ‘Connecting People to Nature’, urges us to get outdoors and into nature, to appreciate its beauty and to think about how we are part of nature and how intimately we depend on it. It challenges us to find fun and exciting ways to experience and cherish this vital relationship. For further details, visit: UNEP's World Environment Day website and the UN Observances World Environment Day web pages. The United Nations Association – UK (UNA-UK) has a page with background information and teaching activities for World Environment Day. If you would like some ideas to help your school celebrate World Environment Day you could browse through the resources listed on our database under the topic 'Environment'. You could also get inspiration from the following case studies: » Climate conscious schools » Exploring Sustainable Development and Diversity at Key Stage 4

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