Cover image: Remote Learning: top resources for global learning in lockdown

Remote Learning: top resources for global learning in lockdown

Our recommended resources to help you to keep your learners engaged, educated and entertained at home

The new year has begun and across the UK, and much of the world, schools have shut again, which is a big relief to many but also something of a challenge for both teachers and parents!

If you’re looking for resources to help you to keep your young people engaged, educated and entertained at home, then check out our top recommendations here:


COVID-19 news-literacy resources (ages 9-14)

Publisher: The Economist Educational Foundation 

These resources are perfect for engaging your learners in critical thinking about coronavirus and will work equally well in an online classroom as they will if you’re sat around the kitchen table, or if you set them as an independent learning task. Each resource takes a look at the news about COVID-19 and related topics, and is packed with questions and lines of enquiry. Simply download the PDF resources and get stuck into the guided discussion questions.


Ideas for taking climate action at home (ages 7-14)

Publisher: Oxfam

Inspired by some of the communities Oxfam works with around the globe, they have put together five ideas for taking action at home - from creating waste masterpieces to building your own wormery or upcycling a pair of jeans, these ideas are fun, inspiring and good for the planet.


Exploring Ourselves, Society and the Natural World (ages 5-11; and ages 12+)

Publisher: ThoughtBox

These daily activities have been designed to keep young minds active with a growth mindset supporting critical thinking, global citizenship, emotional intelligence and wellbeing for people and the planet. Each topic is accompanied by an introductory video and topics include gangs, happiness, love and relationships, culture, homelessness and much more!

You will need to create a free account to access the resources on ThoughtBox- but once you’ve done that you’ll have access to this home learning curriculum as well as a huge selection of other high quality free resources.

Tackling Loneliness (ages 7-18)

Publisher: British Red Cross
Lockdown can be a disorientating and lonely experience for anyone, including children and young people, so these resources are a perfect way to discuss these feelings with your children and young people and to explore key themes surrounding loneliness and coping. Each resource contains a selection of activities involving animated films, illustrated characters, videos, podcasts and music to explore the topic of loneliness with primary and secondary learners. 

Plastics Challenge (ages 8-14)

Publisher: Practical Action

An exciting challenge for pupils aged 8-14 years to investigate the properties of plastics then find solutions to the global problems plastic waste causes. This activity combines practical science investigations with enquiry-based learning to create a home learning challenge which will keep inquiring minds occupied for hours. The challenge comes with a home learning guide for parents and even a printable certificate!

Wonderful Whales and Dolphins (ages 7-11)

Publisher: ORCA

For a little bit of escapism and a chance to connect with the natural world, this series of video lessons from ORCA is the perfect way to keep your children (and yourself!) entertained and full of fantastic facts. Each of the 10 episodes featured on our website includes a video lesson (hosted on YouTube) and accompanying printable worksheets including quizzes, word searches, fill-in-the-blanks, and more. 


The Importance of Hope for Global Citizenship (ages 7-16)

Publisher: Reboot the Future

And last but not least, we have our own class activities, designed to accompany our global learning wall planner. This month’s activity is all about Hope - which is more important than ever right now. This simple guidance sheet contains a list of important positive global changes, and highlights the importance of hope in achieving these changes, inspiring positivity, determination, and active participation. Use this as a launchpad for discussion or as a little pick-me-up if your learners are feeling low. And don’t forget the rest of our class activities are also available on the Global Dimension site too - if you haven't seen them already, take a look back at the themes from previous months and explore topics including connection and sustainability.