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Ideas for taking climate action at home

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Oxfam Education

Join with others in tackling the climate crisis:

  • Climate change is affecting millions of the world’s poorest people, right now.
  • More frequent and extreme weather, like storms and droughts, are destroying homes, lives and livelihoods.
  • There is still hope but urgent action is needed now.
  • We can all play a vital role in saving our planet and its people.

Inspired by some of the communities Oxfam works with around the globe, they have put together five ideas for taking action at home:

  1. Set your recycling creativity free
  2. Harness the power of worms
  3. Carry out a home energy audit
  4. Make do and mend
  5. Spread the word

Download the teaching pack below and check out their website for more on how to take climate action at home.

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Environment and Sustainability, Globalisation and Interdependence, Health and Well-being, Production and Consumption

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KS2: ages 7-11, KS3: ages 11-14


Art and design, Citizenship, Design and technology, Geography, Philosophy / P4C / Critical thinking, PSHE / PSE / PSED, Science, Clubs and extra-curricular, Remote learning

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