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Words That Burn is a national project developed by Amnesty International and The Poetry Hour, which challenges young people to make a difference through poetry and use that medium to explore and express human rights. Each term a different human rights theme invites personal responses, or solidarity and protest poems for an individual who has had their human rights violated, which Amnesty will forward on. There is also a  'Make a Difference in a Minute' challenge: to perform a poem in one minute or less that gets your message heard. Themes covered include:
  • being heard
  • being me
  • freedom
  • dignity
  • power
  • change
  • witness
  • speak up
  • respect
The teaching materials have been written for ages 11 to 16+, ie for use in Key Stage 3: Lower Secondary (Year 7 to 9 in England and Wales; Secondary 1 to 2 in Scotland; Year 8 to 10 in Northern Ireland); Key stage 4: Upper Secondary (Year 10 to 11 in England and Wales; Secondary 3 to 4 in Scotland; Year 11 to 12 in Northern Ireland); Key Stage 5: Further education (Year 12 to 13 in England and Wales, Years 13 to 14 in Northern Ireland and Secondary 5 to 6 in Scotland).

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KS3: ages 11-14, KS4: ages 14-16, KS5: ages 16+


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