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This second edition of Teach Peace from the Peace Education Network, published in 2016, is a set of 10 assemblies, follow-up activities, resources, prayers and reflections on peace for primary schools. The themes and ideas invite children to begin to think about what peace means to them.

The themes and ideas invite children to begin to think about what peace means to them and where they feel peaceful – helping develop inner peace. The resources nurture skills of empathy which are so important to healthy human development. The follow-up activities offer opportunities to think about what the children can do to build peace within and between themselves. Without inner peace, it is impossible to achieve outer peace.

The pack encourages children to think critically about war and explore the human cost of war; learning about how children, so often the innocent victims, can work together for peace. From the UN peace day, 21 September, to the International Day for Children as Victims of War, 4 June, the school year is filled with opportunities to use the assemblies and activities.

This resource will help to ensure peace is a key theme in children’s education and help to celebrate peace and peacemakers in schools. The pack can be downloaded free (as a whole PDF or in individual sections) or ordered as a hard copy, price £5 each.  

Resource contents


Compassionate Values, Peace, Conflict and Justice

Age Ranges

KS1: ages 5-7, KS2: ages 7-11


Assembly, Spiritual, moral, social, cultural (SMSC)

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