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Reboot the Conversation

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Reboot the Future

Let's talk about climate change.

Marks & Spencer has teamed up with Reboot the Future to help you kick-start those all-important conversations about climate change.

Use our videos and conversation starters to get to grips with climate change issues, share your hopes and fears for the future, and find ways to spark change.

How does it work?

You can either print and cut out the questions - for learners to pick out of a jam jar, or use the website as an interactive way to engage students with the questions.

The full conversation is split into three 15 minute topics on climate and nature, food and fashion.

For each topic, you’ll watch a video showing young climate campaigners and their families responding to our climate questions. Then it’ll be your turn to ask the questions and discuss the answers. Don’t worry - we’ll give you all the help you need.

You can complete the whole conversation in under an hour or spread each topic out over a few days. However you choose to take part, you will come away feeling inspired and empowered to make a difference.

Resource contents

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    Reboot the Conversation website

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    Reboot the Conversation questions

  • PDF

    Reboot the Conversation climate guide

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    Reboot the Conversation videos


Compassionate Values, Environment and Sustainability, Production and Consumption

Age Ranges

KS2: ages 7-11, KS3: ages 11-14, KS4: ages 14-16, KS5: ages 16+


Citizenship, Food and Nutrition, Philosophy / P4C / Critical thinking, PSHE / PSE / PSED, Assembly, Climate Campaign, Clubs and extra-curricular, Remote learning, Spiritual, moral, social, cultural (SMSC)

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