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International Global Citizen's Award

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The International Global Citizen’s Award encourages young people (11-18 years) to become better global citizens – and recognises when they do so. First piloted in 2007-8, this growing international grassroots project now has centres in 13 countries taking part, and over 900 students have so far received the Award.

The Award programme is aimed at young people aged 11-18, although older adults can participate too. It starts with young people’s everyday lives as global citizens. Participants:

  • find out about other cultures and outlooks, partly through direct personal contact
  • find out more about how their everyday lives and decisions affect the environment and the lives of others
  • take small actions, alone and with others, to make the world a better place
  • reflect on their developing knowledge and awareness.

Low on bureaucracy, students work with mentors (older students or adults) and share in its operations – including making the awards.

The Award can incorporate and give recognition to existing class work and activities within a flexible overall framework. But action outside school is also part of the Award, as students reflect on and make changes to their lifestyle.

Join schools in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Central and North America in helping to develop better global citizens. Learn from their experience and contribute your own perspectives to help shape this evolving project. With the project’s international base already established, it very much hopes to involve more schools around the world.

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Globalisation and Interdependence

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KS3: ages 11-14, KS4: ages 14-16



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