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Inspiring Purpose: Sustainable Futures Programme

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Inspiring Purpose

Global Citizens in the Making: Sustainable Futures is a well established character discovery activity for young people 10-16, now delivered by Association for Character Education.

The Inspiring Purpose programme enables pupils to explore their character, ideals and values through a unique poster template. The programme is ideal for 10-16 year olds and can be used with a small group, or an entire year group.

Simply register for free on the Inspiring Purpose website, and you will receive a Teacher Resource to assist with the delivery of the programme. This is designed to give you suggestions for implementing Inspiring Purpose and includes recommended activities for each of the sections.

Programme delivery is flexible, however Inspiring Purpose recommend a minimum of 10 sessions over a period of 4-6 weeks.

The programme is structured into 3 parts:

  • Reflection: The first section asks pupils to reflect on their character attributes and write about their key strengths and the qualities that challenge them, or those they believe they need to work on most.
  • Inspiration: The next sections ask pupils to reflect on their source of inspiration; these sections include asking about a favourite story or poems, an inspirational figure, pictures and/or inspirational quotes. This gives pupils the opportunity to reflect on a role model or other important things to them and look at the connections to their own person.
  • Aspiration: The final section asks pupils questions about their future or aspirations, looking at long and short term goals and asking young people to reflect on what matters to them and how they can become the person they wish to be.

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Compassionate Values, Environment and Sustainability, Social Justice

Age Ranges

KS3: ages 11-14, KS4: ages 14-16


Citizenship, PSHE / PSE / PSED, RE / RS, Clubs and extra-curricular, Spiritual, moral, social, cultural (SMSC)

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