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Half-term Plan: What do I need to be healthy?

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This handy resource created by The Harmony Project is a half-term plan for KS1 that incoporates learning about health and wellbeing into every subject.

The science component of this plan draws on National Curriculum objectives relating to the basic needs of humans as animals and the role of exercise, diet and hygiene in promoting good health.

There is also the opportunity to try different forms of physical activity in PE, and to explore in RE how meditation, stillness and mindfulness is practiced, reflecting on how these practices make us feel. These are themes which could equally be drawn out though PSHE.

In history, children find out about medical care today and compare this to medical care in the past. There is also the opportunity to learn about some of the key historical figures who were instrumental in changing the nature of healthcare, linked to National Curriculum statutory content for KS1.

With a sustainability focus on seasonal, locally sourced food, this program can be enriched by local Partners in Learning, from allotment holders, farmers or community gardeners to fitness instructors and health professionals. The learning culminates in a Great Work that sees the children prepare a healthy meal using local, seasonal ingredients to share with each other or with parents and carers.

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Arts, Culture and Religion, Compassionate Values, Environment and Sustainability, Health and Well-being, Production and Consumption

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KS1: ages 5-7


Art and design, Citizenship, Computing / ICT, English / literacy, English: literature / story, Food and Nutrition, History, Maths / numeracy, PE / dance, RE / RS

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