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Global Learning Wallplanner 2020-21 - PDF

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This resource is the 2020 wall planner, 'Values for a Connected World'.

To order or download your 2021/22 Global Learning Wall Planner, '10 Ways to Reboot the Future', click here.


About the 2020-21 wall planner

The Global Learning Wall Planner lays out Global Days and celebrations across the school year, to help educators engage their students in Global Learning and Global Citizenship.

Through discussion questions, facts, and challenges students will expand their understanding of a range of cultures and of global challenges, past and present, and learn the importance of values in creating a more compassionate, sustainable future.

The theme of the 2020-21 Global Learning Wall Planner is ‘Values for a Connected World’ with each month focusing on a different value, and exploring its importance in relation to addressing contemporary global issues. The content is designed to be easily adapted and is therefore suitable for both primary or secondary students.

Download a free PDF of the Global Learning Wall Planner.

To accompany the Global Learning Wallplanner we are also providing teaching resources designed to expand students' understanding of each value highlighted each month. You can download these free resources, available for each month of the wall planner, here.

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    A free PDF version of the 2020-21 Global Learning Wallplanner.


Compassionate Values, Globalisation and Interdependence

Age Ranges

Early Years: ages 3-5, KS1: ages 5-7, KS2: ages 7-11, KS3: ages 11-14, KS4: ages 14-16


Citizenship, Geography, History, Philosophy / P4C / Critical thinking, Politics, Assembly, Spiritual, moral, social, cultural (SMSC)

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