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The full title of this unit is 'Inspiring personal change through a geographical enquiry based on the Indian village of Chembakolli'. It was developed by teachers working with a Year 4 group (ages 8-9) at a primary school in Barnsley. This unit adapts a cross curricular approach including opportunities to develop thinking skills, writing, creativity and pupil choice. At the core of this unit are issues regarding global citizenship and change, using the story of the Adivasi people of Chembakolli to inspire change in school. Teaching and Learning Activities: Activity 1 Where is India in relation to the UK? – Using blank maps, atlases and globes to locate India and the UK. Taking a virtual trip to Chembakolli through an “Airport Afternoon.” Activity 2 How is Chembakolli connected to other places? – Listen to the Chembakolli story and enquire through discussion how Chembakolli is connected. Make a connection map for yourself! Activity 3 What is it like in Chembakolli? – Using photographs, think about what might have happened before the photograph was taken and after the photograph was taken. Children to create their own pictures. Activity 4 – How did the Adivasi people change their lives? – Discuss how they worked together to promote a positive change. Decide on one aspect of your life / classroom you would like to change. This unit forms part of the Geography Goes Global WordPress website, a joint project between the Geographical Association, DECSY and South Yorkshire teachers.

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Compassionate Values, Equality, Globalisation and Interdependence

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KS2: ages 7-11



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