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How Will You Reboot the Future?

Inspiring new conversations on the climate crisis and supporting young people to take action.

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Free climate action resources and campaign

Reboot the Future are calling on all educators of 14-18 year olds to ignite your students’ sense of optimism, tap into their imagination and creativity, and inspire them with positive and personal ways of engaging in climate action. 

The campaign features a series of short films - following the lives of five young people who, over the next five years, each play a role in rebooting the future. These films were inspired by e-book Rise Up to Reboot the Future, written by environmental activist Jonathon Porritt, which is included as a resource, alongside a set of teaching guides to help you to support discussion in your classrooms.

And now you can order or download a free wall planner to accompany the resources, focusing on the 10 Big Shifts highlighted in Jonathon Porritt's Rise Up to Reboot the Future, with discussion questions, facts and ideas to inspire your students to Reboot the Future.


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  • Download the campaign resource pack

    Download all 6 of the teaching guides for each of the short films and the e-book.


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