Cover image: How to teach 'kindness': our recommended resources for February

How to teach 'kindness': our recommended resources for February

Our theme for the month of February is kindness. Kindness is one of the most powerful ways to improve the lives of others, and also our own lives. Kindness is infectious, as treating someone kindly makes them more likely to treat others kindly. 

On our Wall Planner and the Global Dimension website, our theme for this month is 'kindness' - perfect for a month containing Empathy Week, Random Acts of Kindness Day and Fairtrade Fortnight. As the lockdown carries on across the UK, and much of the world, it's important for us all to think about ways we can show kindness to each other, to our planet and to ourselves.

So how can we bring kindness into our online classrooms and to our kitchen tables this month? Here are our favourite resources on Global Dimension which can bring the theme of kindness to life for your learners in February:

Kindness for Global Citizenship (ages 7-16)

Publisher: Reboot the Future

Part of our series of resources designed to accompany our Global Learning Wall Planner, this activity contains a creative activity that inspires a kindness chain and discussion questions on the importance of acting with kindness to all people. 

Climate, Fairtrade and You (ages 7-11 and 11-18)

Publisher: Fairtrade Foundation

Through the materials in this pack, young people will have the opportunity to discover how their choices can impact people around the world, but also the planet that we live on.

Equality and Justice Curriculum (ages 11-14)

Publisher: ThoughtBox

A free curriculum to engage with the issues surrounding equality and justice, with activities that encourage critical thinking, empathy and connection.

Tackling Loneliness (ages 7-18)

Publisher: British Red Cross

These activities use animated films, illustrated characters, videos, podcasts and music to explore the topic of loneliness with primary and secondary learners. 

SOS-UK's Global Goals Teach In (all ages)

Host: SOS-UK

This annual campaign calls on educators to pledge to include the UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development (SDGs) in your teaching and learning throughout the two weeks between 22nd February - 5th March.



We hope that these help to bring a little kindness to your classrooms this month. Let us know what other resources you use to inspire hope on Twitter or Facebook.