Cover image: How to teach 'Hope': our recommended resources for January

How to teach 'Hope': our recommended resources for January

Our theme for the month of January is hope. It can be hard to stay hopeful about solving large, complex, and long-term global issues. However, hope inspires us to try, and trying greatly increases our chances of success. The more we share hope’s power to create change, the bigger it grows!

On our Wall Planner and the Global Dimension website, our theme for this month is 'hope' - something which feels more timely than ever before, with coronavirus vaccines rolling out across the UK, Joe Biden’s inauguration in the US, and conversation building about the COP-26 climate summit this year, it feels like we might soon be able to put many of the challenges of 2020 behind us.

So how can we bring hope into our online classrooms and to our kitchen tables this month? Here are our favourite resources on Global Dimension which can bring the theme of hope to life for your learners in January:

Hope for Global Citizenship (ages 7-16)

Publisher: Reboot the Future

Part of our series of resources designed to accompany our Global Learning Wall Planner, this activity contains a list of important positive global changes, and highlights the importance of hope in achieving these changes.

New Year Resolutions (ages 7-14)

Publisher: Oxfam

Activities to help learners to reflect on their own role in their school, community and as a global citizen; supporting them to set goals for the coming year.

Moja Island (ages 11-14)

Publisher: Practical Action

A discussion-based 1-2 hour activity which will reinforce students' understanding of renewable energy sources.

Recovering from change and challenges (ages 11-18)

Publisher: British Red Cross

Activities which explore what risks are and how we can make good choices, and help learners to reflect on how we may be feeling about the changes we've had to deal with recently. 

Covid-19 Responses around the world (ages 7-14)

Publisher: Oxfam

A resource showing how people have responded to this human emergency with compassion, heart and generosity – reaching out to support others in amazing ways.


We hope that these help to give you and your learners a little boost of hope this month. Let us know what other resources you use to inspire hope on Twitter or Facebook.