Cover image: 5 Skills to Reboot the Future

5 Skills to Reboot the Future

The 15th of July is World Youth Skills Day. We have assembled our top five skills and associated resources to support young people in building a brighter future. 

1. Resilience

Resilience gives young people the strength to process and overcome life's challenges without feeling overwhelmed. The following materials have been selected to help learners tap into their personal strengths to work through problems with confidence. 

Publisher: British Red Cross

2. Leadership

Leadership is a skill with many benefits - it improves confidence, strengthens communication and develops character. Students and young people play a key part in influencing and driving change, developing leadership skills early can benefit both the individual and the planet. Learn how to develop leadership skills with the following resource. 

Publisher: World Wildlife Foundation

3. Teamwork

​​​​​Teamwork is when people come together to use their individual skills for a common goal. In young people, developing teamwork skills can strengthen their ability to communicate with others, helping them build social skills, self-confidence and all-round well-being. 

Publisher: Reboot the Future 

4. Digital Citizenship

Digital citizenship is an essential skill for today's youth as it enables them to learn, communicate and collaborate safely and responsibly online. With the following resource, young people can learn about responsible social media use, protecting their privacy and identity online, bullying, media literacy and more.

Publisher: Common Sense

5. Empathy

Empathy is a powerful skill that greatly benefits young people's sense of security, tolerance and ability to accept others - enabling them to form strong, healthy relationships. We strongly recommend the following resources to help connect young people with the thoughts and feelings of others. 

Publisher: ThoughtBox