Practical Action: Plastics Challenge

KS2: ages 7-11KS3: ages 11-14Website

Can we turn plastics into profit?

Practical Action’s comprehensive set of resources provide engaging and exciting ways to introduce the issue of plastic usage to the classroom. Pupils aged between 8 and 14 are set the challenge of developing new solutions to the global problems caused by plastic waste. These resources can be used flexibly either as part of the formal science, design and technology curriculum, or as part of a themed day or enrichment week within school.

Pupils can:

  • Carry out practical science experiments and enquiry-based learning
  • Design and make products out of plastic waste for a UK or international market
  • Learn about the different compositions and life cycles of plastics

All resources are accompanied with clear teacher guidance and a supporting PowerPoint.


Items available

    • Website
    • Resources include materials for teachers, stimuli and activity worksheets for pupils and a full colour poster to support the challenge.
    • Visit website

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