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We Are Antarctica

This year, Reboot the Future are launching a new campaign, We Are Antarctica, in partnership with Earthrise.

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#WeAreAntarctica seeks to mobilise action for Antarctica, and the wider natural world, by deepening people’s relationship with themselves, each other and the land. 

Using a combination of film, conversation, and education resources, we will help people to explore their reciprocal connection with the world around us - shifting our relationship from observer to stakeholder in our planet's future.

We are all connected and it has become increasingly clear that our actions as individuals and as a global community directly affect the world around us, resonating across the whole globe - from Antarctica to our own communities. What we do now and the choices we make will directly impact the health of the entire planet, its ecosystems and its inhabitants. That is why the focus of this year's wall planner and accompanying resources is on helping learners to build deeper connections with the planet, with others, and with themselves.

You can order your Global Learning Wall Planner, which follows the key themes of the campaign, below. Additional resources will be launched alongside the campaign in September 2022.