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World Day of Social Justice

Taking place every February 20th.

A chance to highlight the importance of fair work, good living standards and social security.

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About the event

The General Assembly of the UN voted in 2007 to mark the 20th of February as World Day of Social Justice. This day highlights how essential a good standard of living is for all global citizens. 

In this modern era of globalisation, it is clear that many citizens live in poverty, do not have adequate working conditions, and do not have access to the goods and services required for a healthy life. The 20th of February is a time to reflect on what needs to be done to reduce global inequalities for all. 

How to approach it

This day is a good opportunity to introduce what the term social justice actually means. First, see if any students can offer a definition. They may talk about various social causes such as BLM or trade union movements that use social justice as a term. Suggest that social justice is about campaigning for underrepresented and oppressed groups to be given the same opportunities, privileges and resources as everyone else. 

Next, discuss with your class the different reasons people may be more socially disadvantaged than others. Some examples are because of one’s race, class, culture, religion, disability or age. You could ask: in what ways are these different groups discriminated against? What privileges do some have compared to others?

Organised by

United Nations

Conversation starter

Social justice is about people having access to all the opportunities, services, and resources they need. In what ways could the world be more socially just?