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Classroom of the Month Award

Celebrate the teachers and educators driving change by applying for our Classroom of the Month Award.

In 2023, we launched our Rebooting Education report, supported by 7,000 teachers, calling for a regenerative, green education system, with compassionate values at its core.

Our new 'Classroom of the Month' feature celebrates the achievements of educators who are already bringing sustainability and global issues into the classroom. We want to shine a light on the pioneers who are rebooting education, to celebrate your efforts and to inspire others.

Each month we will highlight a Classroom of the Month on our Global Dimension newsletter, which goes out to 18,000 educators. Winners will receive a printed certificate for your classroom, and your story will be featured on our social media channels.

It only takes a minute to apply with your photo, testimonial or voice note, showing how you have successfully delivered a global issue or sustainability issue in your school community. All ideas are welcome!

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