Cover image: The Global Dimension Awards 2022

The Global Dimension Awards 2022

The winners have been chosen for our first annual awards, check them out below!

Today we get to finally share our winners for this year’s Global Dimension Awards! Through these awards we get to celebrate the resource publishers and organisations making the most exciting and impactful resources for your classroom. We’ve curated three ‘top five’ lists of the absolute best resources and publishers you can find here on Global Dimension. 

Up first is the Teachers’ Choice Awards, the top five resources voted for by our 17,000 strong education community. We have some really interesting resources on this list including Writing Letters to the Earth, a cathartic, creative writing course for students to explore their emotional responses to the climate crisis. With awards for the Peace Education Network, ThoughBox, WWF and more, dive in here to read about the rest. 

Next are the Global Dimension team’s Top Resources of 2022. We feel these five resources really stood out as offering the comprehensive content and eye catching design we’re always looking for. Groundwork, British Red Cross and Young Climate Warriors are all on the list. Have a look here for resources guaranteed to bring global connection, compassion and conversation to your lessons. 

Finally, our Top Publishers of 2022 combines big name NGO’s with some fantastic, up and coming education organisations. With this list you can be sure that every organisation from the Economist Foundation to the Harmony Project produces consistent, top quality resources. Check them out here, have a look at their extensive resource collections and keep an eye out for what they make in the future.

We hope that these lists give you some inspiration as you end this term and eventually plan for September. As these resources show, there are so many ways to engage students with the topics that really matter. We’re excited for all the new content we’ll be sharing with you in the future too. As always, if you think there’s something that deserves to be promoted on Global Dimension, don’t hesitate to contact us. For more awards, see you this time next year!