Cover image: Learning Planet Festival 2023

Learning Planet Festival 2023

The Learning Planet Festival begins on the 24th of January.

We're hosting a webinar - find out more below!

The Learning Planet Festival begins on January the 24th as an international celebration of education that centres care for ourselves, each other, and the planet.

It’s packed with informative talks from leading educators and organisations looking to build an education system for a fairer, greener world. 

Once again we’ll be holding a webinar alongside hundreds of other events held online and internationally. 

Our webinar, hosted with The Harmony Project, is titled: How can schools save money and the planet?

This session will be of interest to any educator (particularly Year 5 & 6 teachers) who wants to find out about the cost of living crisis, climate change and how they can introduce an understanding of interdependence to their classroom. 

The webinar will be held on Tuesday 24th of January from 5-6pm GMT.