Cover image: Global Education Week is here!

Global Education Week is here!

Here, we offer some background on global education and suggestions for how you could incorporate global connection into your classroom this week.

Global Education Week begins today as an international celebration of compassion and connection. Organised by the Council of Europe’s North-South Centre, the day is a world-wide awareness raising campaign about using Global Education as a tool for solidarity and change. The day will be celebrated by educators across Europe and beyond in over 40 countries. 

As the North-South Centre’s education representatives for the UK, Reboot the Future is looking forward to seeing all of the incredible events organised. There are initiatives being held across the country from movie screenings, to concerts, photography exhibitions, quizzes, school debates, street-awareness actions and more!

What is Global Education?

Global learning can be described as an approach to learning about international development through recognising the importance of linking people’s lives throughout the world.

Global learning plays a vital role in sustainability, social justice, and building a better future. In fact, it is a key element of the UN's Sustainable Development Goal 4 on Education.

The best thing about global learning is that it's not just restricted to Citizenship or PSHE lessons; it can be used across all subjects, from maths to art to PE. Any educator, no matter what they teach, can inspire and empower their students to develop their global understanding.

Through educating young people about their relationships to others and the planet, global learning teaches them to understand and respect difference. As social and environmental issues escalate, nurturing compassionate values stands out as a simple key to unlock a positive future for all.

What can you do this week?  

At its core, global education is about connections. This is a great week to introduce your students to the magic of another culture or an important global issue. You could also explore connections with the natural world, our local communities or the international community. Check out our suggestions here.

One World Week, the previous conveners of this week have produced a whole set of resources you could also use including light-hearted song that would work well in a tutorial or as a lesson starter. 

Whether it’s a small video, an assembly or an engaging conversation we hope you can weave a bit of global connection into your classroom this week!