Cover image: Food for Thought - new Oxfam project for schools

Food for Thought - new Oxfam project for schools

Where does our food come from? How is the climate changing what's on our plates? And, with a global population set to hit 9 billion by 2050, how will we ever manage to make sure everyone has enough to eat? These are just some of the questions pupils can explore through Oxfam’s innovative new Food for Thought schools project, as they are encouraged to learn, think and take action as active global citizens. Schools can get involved by: The resources will help young people explore the inequalities in the global food system, and follow a unique ‘Learn, Think, Act’ sequence – helping pupils to learn about global issues, reflect critically, and take informed, responsible and meaningful action. Pupils can use the Food for Thought wallchart to track their learning, thinking and taking action about the global food system - and make a display of their work. By taking part in Food for Thought, pupils can explore the global food system, connect with other young people around the world – and build a fairer future where everyone has enough to eat. For more information and to download resources visit