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Clever Consumers

We are living in a world where we are bombarded by signs, pop-ups and adverts trying to sell us something. Convincing us that our wants are actually our needs and that our life will be better with the newest technology, latest fashion pieces, organic facial crea ms, money-making training, and the list goes on. Being consumers is a part of our everyday life. We are lucky to have choices but how do we ensure that as consumers we are making the right choices?  Do you ever wonder what impact you can have as a consumer? Do you know your rights as a consumer? Consumer Classrooms is a community website for teachers across Europe which aims to promote consumer education in secondary schools by providing resources and tools. There are lesson builders, lesson plans, forums, expert blogs and inter-school projects and competitions. There over 1500 resources, such as projects, assignments, videos, lesson kits and presentations linked to consumer issues including sustainable consumption, energy, internet safety and media literacy. Sign up to the community website to connect with teachers across Europe.