Cover image: AI & Sustainability Education Webinar

AI & Sustainability Education Webinar

How can AI help teachers bring sustainability into the classroom? Free webinars launching.


The Rebooting Education Report 2023, produced in collaboration with Cambridge University Press & Assessment and OCR, collected insights from 7'000 teachers to envision a regenerative, transformative and green education system.

As part of the report, we took a deep dive into 'sustainability education' and explored the major roadblocks and challenges to teaching it. One of the main issues is an over-crowded curriculum with little time for non-examined subjects. A lack of training on how to teach sustainability-related topics is also a major factor. 

Despite this, the majority of teachers we surveyed had engaged their pupils in sustainability topics in the past year and wish to do more.


Launching our first free webinar

That's why, in response, we are joining forces with AI experts Ed3 DAO to deliver a practical, hands-on webinar where teachers can explore AI techniques to enhance the teaching of sustainability in the classroom. 

Register for free here. 


What you'll learn: 

  • AI Techniques for Efficiency: Maximise your teaching time and explore innovative AI frameworks.
  • Enhance Curriculum Integration: Discover easy-to-follow methods to incorporate sustainability into your lessons.
  • Practical Applications: Get hands-on experience with AI tools to create engaging teaching materials.

We'll use the UN Sustainable Development Goals and Reboot the Future's Classroom Calendar as a prompt for discussion and learning.



Please join us on April 30, 2024 at 4 PM BST for our first AI webinar, with one hour of learning followed by an optional half-hour practice session. 

Register for free here.