Partnerships for the goals

Goal 17: Revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development

This Goal incorporates a range of targets aimed at ensuring institutions and people around the globe are able to work together to achieve the Global Goals for Sustainable Development. These targets relate to cooperation in the fields of: finance; technology; capacity building; trade; policy and institutional coherence; multi-stakeholder partnerships; data, monitoring and accountability. Read more on the UN SDGs website…

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You could use the following Sesame Street film clip to start off a lesson about co-operation:

It is hard to translate this Goal into subject-specific teaching ideas, as it’s all about countries, institutions and people working together to ensure the Goals are achieved.

You could get your students discussing, and doing, activities that involve co-operation. Perhaps they could set up, or join in, and Model UN General Assembly?

Or you could assign different roles for each student in a group; then they rotate through these roles each day for a week and talk about the experience at the end. The more adventurous could try out group bonding type activities like lowering a stick to the ground using only one finger or getting into then out of a ‘knot’ without letting go of each other’s hands – afterwards students discuss how the group functioned, what worked and what didn’t.

Teaching resources

Lesson plans:

Working Together to Achieve the Global Goals – 60 mins, ages 8 to 11. Suitable for Social Studies, Citizenship, Geography.
There’s No Point Going Half Way – From MDGs to the Global Goals  – 60 mins, ages 11 to 14. Suitable for Social Studies, Citizenship, Geography.

See also the Heroes For Change comic on how we can all work together to achieve the Goals.

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