Decent work and economic growth

Goal 8: Promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth, employment and decent work for all

SDG 08 Decent work and economic growth

This Goal brings together a range of targets aimed at: ensuring economic growth and job creation; reducing unemployment; protecting labour rights; and eradicating forced labour and child labour, including the recruitment of child soldiers. Read more on the UN SDGs website…

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You could use this 10-minute film clip from Channel 4 News to start off a lesson which looks at employment issues. It describes the exploitation of thousands of migrants working in southern Spain to grow salad vegetables for supermarkets in Britain (and possibly other European countries). There are additional film clips and further information on the Channel 4 News website.

Your pupils could also look at, and discuss images from the “So we exist” photo exhibition on the International Labour Organization website, which explores ‘workers in the shadows’.

Here are some teaching ideas for exploring this Goal through different subjects:

English / Mother tongue: Imagine you are on a government advisory panel and write a manifesto for what you think a ‘good’ job would involve in your community.

Maths: Use the World Bank’s GDP per capita data to calculate the percentages by which different national economies have grown or shrunk across years. Discuss what might be the reasons for these patterns.

Geography: Research the kinds of jobs people do in different parts of your country, focusing on differences between urban, rural and remote areas. Chart these on a map. Do the same for other countries, comparing and contrasting. Think about the reasons people do different work in different places.

History: Interview an older person about their first job; what was the work like? Was he/she paid, and if so how much? Do people still do the same job today? Has it changed or is it the same?

Teaching resources

Lesson plan: The World Is Not Equal. Is That Fair? – 60 mins, ages 11 to 14. Suitable for Citizenship, Social Studies.

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