Clean water and sanitation

Goal 6: Ensure access to water and sanitation for all

This Goal aims to ensure than by 2030 everyone has access to access to safe and affordable drinking water, and to adequate sanitation and hygiene. It also has targets to improve water quality and water resource management. Read more on the UN SDGs website…

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You could use this 10-minute documentary from WaterAid to start off a lesson on clean water and sanitation. It tells the story of Radha Verma who, determined to protect her daughter after she narrowly escaped a physical attack, builds one of the first toilets in Rakhi Mandi slum, home to 3,500 people in India’s Uttar Pradesh. Her story shows that change is possible, even in a challenging urban environment, and that ultimately everyone, everywhere needs a safe place to go to the toilet.

Here are some teaching ideas for exploring this Goal through different subjects:

English / Mother tongue: Water in various forms is a popular source of inspiration for different forms of poetry. Study a water-related poem, and write your own. (In English, you might choose a one from the ‘water’ poems on the PoemHunter website.)

Maths: Calculate the amount of water your family uses in a day, and compare this with water use in a less developed country.

Geography: Research areas of the world where water conflicts may occur, such as where a major river flows through many different countries.

History: Explore the history of sanitation in your country – for example, when were the first proper sewers installed, and what impact did this have?

Science: Research different technologies to provide sanitation solutions, for example those provided by Practical Action or WaterAid.

Teaching resources

Lesson plans:

Clean Water for All – 60 mins, ages 8 to 14. Suitable for Geography, Science, Social Studies.
The World Is Not Equal. Is That Fair? – 60 mins, ages 11 to 14. Suitable for Citizenship, Social Studies.

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Browse through further resources that can help you teach about health and sanitation

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