Practical Action video gallery

Practical Action video gallery

Practical Action’s schools video gallery contains a number of short films from Practical Action that teachers in both Primary and Secondary schools may find useful as support material or starting points for lessons across the curriculum.


This website aims to provide efficient and comprehensive access to statistical data on world issues. You select a subject from the top menu and watch the countries on the map change their size according to the data

Fair Miles

This little book delves into the realities of the produce trade between Africa and the UK, examining both sides of the equation to help your search for an ‘ethically balanced’ diet. It talks in terms of ‘fair miles’ rather than ‘food miles’.

Where’s the Impact? / Beth yw’r Effaith?

This activity is suitable for all age groups from upper primary upwards, including adult groups. It enables students to investigate how much land and energy is used to make consumer goods by analysing all the stages in their production cycle.

Issues Series

A series of photocopiable resource books which aim to “improve awareness of today’s social issues”. Each one covers a variety of different opinions on the subject in question, drawing information from a wide range of sources.

Watch the BBC ‘box’

The Box is a unique year long project for BBC News telling the story of international trade and globalisation by tracking a standard shipping container around the world.

Start with a Difference

This resource introduces anti-racist and multi-cultural teaching approaches to early years practitioners. The colourful book gives lots of practical activity ideas, alongside background about the importance of this teaching approach.

Practical Action technical briefs

Practical Action technical briefs

Technical briefs are documents produced by Practical Action which are freely available to people in the developing world. They provide detailed technical information on a variety of subjects ranging from how to make jams and pickles to how to build a flood-proof house or an aerial ropeway.