Storylink Kochi Pack

This pack focuses on Kochi, a city situated in Kerala, southern India. The city is home to a diversity of people. The stories in the pack draw on real people and settings, thus allowing children to appreciate the lifestyles of the people of Kochi, their city and its surrounding area.

Global CREST Challenges

Practical Action’s Global CREST challenges are based on real problems faced in developing countries. They are divided into five themes – water, food, energy, shelter and transport, and give secondary students ideas for starting points for projects.

Footprint Futures

This website from the Centre for Alternative Technology is an eco-footprint teaching resource, and has been developed for teachers of Key Stages 2-3 in Wales. But all educators – in Wales and beyond – with an interest in teaching about sustainable

Reel Lives Shanghai

This cross-curricular, interactive DVD from Music for Change contains over an hour’s video footage shot on location in Shanghai, plus an image library, a teacher’s guide and suggestions for upper primary (KS2) activities and resources.

Morocco – a Learning Journey

This teachers’ pack, with accompanying CD-ROM and web links, brings Morocco right into the primary classroom. It has been developed by teachers and educationalists involved in a British Council project linking York and Morocco.

The Squashed Tomato Challenge (2020)

Farmers living on the mountainside in Nepal need to sell tomatoes at the local market. But getting there involves a long, dangerous walk down the mountain. This challenge is to design, build and test a way of moving tomatoes that won’t squash them!

Uganda or UK?

This cross-curricular resource, aimed at ages 7-14, has been designed to counter negative or stereotypical views, focusing first on similarities between Uganda and the UK, before exploring their diversity. Through the images and activities…

Images of India

This CD from the Geographical Association has over 130 photographs from India, each with a caption and location. They are organised into the 11 categories; each category has teacher guidance and an activity idea.

Practical Action image gallery

Practical Action image gallery

Practical Action’s free online image gallery for schools features photos from developing countries on number of topics: renewable energy, water & sanitation, farming, plants, recycling, climate change, transport, costume and technology justice.