Juliana’s Bananas

This story book can help children aged 5 and above explore fair trade through the eyes of children of banana farmers in the Windward Islands in the Caribbean.

Teaching History with 100 Objects

This website consists of 100 resources based on objects selected from museums in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales and from the British Museum. It has been funded by the DfE to help equip teachers to teach the new history curriculum.

Concept Cartoons

Concept cartoons

A series of five Concept Cartoons produced by Millgate House Education in partnership with Practical Action.
They help pupils explore environmental issues that affect the lives of people around the world, including those living in developing countries.

The geography of my stuff

This online unit of work focuses upon the interconnections and inter-relationships that link teenage consumers living in the UK with societies and environments overseas (where the goods they purchase are made).

Follow the Things

Follow the Things

This website looks a bit like a shopping website, but all is not as it seems. If you click on the different ‘departments’ you will find lots of ‘products’. But clicking on these products will lead you to films, research and articles about where these products have come from, and whether the production has involved human rights abuses or exploitation or environmental damage.

The Sand Diggers of Mali: The impacts of a rapidly growing city

This module is based on an expedition undertaken by journalist Jane Labous. It focuses on the impacts of urbanisation and migration happening across Mali, West Africa. Through the case study of Bamako (a rapidly growing city), students will learn about the challenges associated with sand digging for concrete production. The module contains resources (including photos […]