This DVD pack tackles a growth area in racism, featuring the views of many top football players and also young people discussing their experiences of and views on Islamophobia.

Struggles for Justice

Struggles for Justice provides five free downloadable teaching modules suitable for Citizenship classes at Key Stages 3 and 4. The resource aims to show young people that it is possible to make their voices heard and effect change in society and that

Struggles for Black Community

The four 38-minute films included on this DVD were originally made for Channel 4 at the beginning of the 1980s. They have been remastered and digitised because of recent interest shown by young people in the experiences of racism and the battles fought by their parents’ and grandparents’ generations.

Issues Series

A series of photocopiable resource books which aim to “improve awareness of today’s social issues”. Each one covers a variety of different opinions on the subject in question, drawing information from a wide range of sources.

Video Art Postcards

In the summer of 2007, two groups of teenagers from the London Borough of Newham participated in a unique experience. Assisted by video artists and historians, the teenagers uncovered sites related to historical racism and anti-racism in the West Ind


TrueTube is a free online resource for schools providing a platform for debate on social, ethical and political issues. It is aimed at RE, PSHE and Citizenship at Key Stages 3 and 4. Short video clips encourage young people to think, discuss and enga

I Respect

This website contains teaching materials with specific links to the Citizenship, History, English, RE and PSHE curricula, but many of the lesson plans and activities have been written with cross-curricular thinking skills in mind.

Exploring Our Roots

This excellent teaching pack uses interviews and thoughtful, structured activities to explore the experiences of immigrants to Britain from the 1940s to 1975. It concentrates on the lives of Black and Asian people and raises awareness of the history, experience and culture that they bought with them.

This is where I live

Throughout 2003 and 2004 Runnymede worked with groups of young people across the UK to find out their views on the past, present and future of multi-ethnic Britain. Using the arts to stimulate discussion, the various projects have produced a high