Global Food Security

Global Food Security

This resource has been developed by the British Council in partnership with the Royal Society. It provides scientific background information and learning activities on the issues surrounding food security, and the impact of a growing global population on food production.

The State of the Middle East Atlas

This book is an excellent tool for understanding the Middle East and its pivotal role in global politics. It explores the complexity of the region: its emergence from fallen empires, the shaping of its current contours by oil and outside intervention

Positive Development Stories

This photo-teaching resource accompanies Think Global’s 2015-2016 Global Wallplanner. It uses photos to explore ‘positive stories of development’, inspired by the 12 global themes of the European Year for Development 2015.

Booming giant

This resource looks at the dynamic relationship between people and resources, with a focus on China. China has emerged as a leading Newly Industrialised Country (NIC) and is challenging many conventional powers to become the world’s largest economy. However, this rapid economic development has had effects elsewhere, impacting on fuel, interest rates and health. This […]

China Today

This module focuses on China as an emerging global power with huge manufacturing capabilities and a rising consumer culture. China is expected to be the largest economy in the world by 2040, but this success has not trickled down through the whole of

Time 2 Think

This website supports teaching and learning around how we can better understand self, others and the wider world. It has a bank of classroom and CPD resources that you can pick up and use straight away. These are accompanied by support materials

Managing Youthful Populations: An African Case Study

This DVD explores all the issues and implications associated with managing a youthful and growing population. The Gambia, with one of the most youthful populations in the world, is used as a case study. The role of contraception and family planning is looked at in detail, as are the pressures on resources and the environment.