Make a toy car, re-use a plastic bottle African style

This short video shows how ‘waste’ can be re-used and made into toys like this plastic bottle car. It is typical for young boys like Dennis from Uganda to make their own toys out of recycled materials such as bottles, tyres and plastic bags as there often is little money to buy them

Hold a Recycled Sports Day

Plastic bag footballs, bare foot races and water weight lifting might not be the usual events you will find at a Sports Day but they are if you join Send a Cow’s games – all with an African twist! We’ve got lots of ideas about how you can hold your own ‘Recycled Sports Day’; some […]

Fair Play

Tom Palmer is an author who brings sport (mainly football) into his children’s books. This Fair Play pack is based on Tom’s trip to Ghana where he was doing research for one of his books, Foul Play 3: Off Side – which is a detective story exploring

Commonwealth Online

Commonwealth Online uses the archive of The British Empire and Commonwealth Museum (based in Bristol) to bring together free, downloadable, curriculum-linked teaching packages. The resources fit mainly into the History curriculum, with

Our Africa website

Our Africa is a website developed by SOS Children, a charity that has been working in Africa for the past 40 years. The aim of this ambitious project is to let children across Africa film their lives and countries the way they see them.

The Churki-Burki Book of Rhyme

Churki and Burki are two sisters who lead a happy, busy life in their village with their family. They spend the day fishing in the river, driving the parrots from the corn field, harvesting fruit and vegetables, and enjoying the outdoors.

Uganda or UK?

This cross-curricular resource, aimed at ages 7-14, has been designed to counter negative or stereotypical views, focusing first on similarities between Uganda and the UK, before exploring their diversity. Through the images and activities…