Global learning in primary schools

This book explores practical ideas about the educational needs of children within a changing global context, drawing on the creative work of a wide range of Key Stage 1 and 2 teachers.

Right Here, Right Now

This resource contains a set of 12 tried and tested lesson plans designed to teach citizenship from a human rights perspective, and encourages students to explore the role of human rights in everyday life.

Peace One Day Citizenship Resource

This free resource aims to advance active citizenship in the areas of conflict resolution, global citizenship, human rights and the link between sustainability and peace, using Peace Day (21 September) as a focus.

What is development?

This pack supports teachers to enable students to explore development processes within their own locality in the context of global interdependence.

Participation: Spice it up!

This fun and lively manual provides more than 40 tried-and-tested activities and games to get children and young people involved in the decision-making process.

Whose Citizenship? A Teacher’s Toolkit

This handbook shares ideas developed by teachers from the West Midlands region as part of a collaborative project. It is a toolkit aimed at enabling students to explore global citizenship and provides a range of ideas that can be used and adapted for different contexts.