Global Advocate Exhibition Pack

The Global Advocate Exhibition from Leeds Development Education Centre features 9 inspiring case studies of children and adults taking action for a fairer world. The accompanying teachers’ pack (including DVD) supports work around diversity, design.

Promoting student participation in school linking projects

This toolkit has been developed by the charity Plan UK to support schools that take part in Plan’s school linking projects – but it’s really useful for any school involved in school partnerships or wanting to improve pupil voice in their school. Starting from a rights-based approach, the toolkit offers advice for both primary and […]

Crazy Climate Resource Pack

This set of resources from Christian Aid explores the issues of climate change and poverty. It tells the stories of young people living in different countries where Christian Aid works, and their experiences of extreme weather. It encourages pupils

Christian Aid secondary assemblies

Christian Aid has produced a range of free, ready-to-use multi-faith secondary assemblies that bring global issues of poverty and injustice to life.
Each assembly includes a suggested script on a PDF, with ideas for reflection and further action

Action for Happiness posters

This set of eight posters have been designed for the Action For Happiness campaign to accompany their ‘Ten Keys to Happier Living’ – research shows that people who follow these 10 keys tend to be more consistently happy. The posters would be great to

Have You Heard Us? – driving up attendance and achievement

Liverpool World Centre used various global learning approaches including ‘forum theatre’ – participatory drama exploring concepts of ‘power’ and ‘oppression’ – to re-engage young people at risk of exclusion with learning and with school.

Climate conscious schools

School councils give pupils a voice and can be a good way for them to realise how they can make a difference to global issues such as climate change, both as individuals and through joint action.