Our Migration Story

Our Migration Story

This website presents the often untold stories of generations of migrants who shaped the British Isles. It draws on the words and research of over 60 historians based in universities and historical institutions.

Refugee crisis resources

Rayyan 7 years old from Iraq with her luggage in Kara Tepe camp in Lesvos, Greece: refugee crisis Lesvos

Liven up your literacy lessons with gripping stories and colourful activities from ActionAid that show what life is like for many child refugees. Use these resources to build literacy and empathy, and to help your class to answer questions such as: ‘How is life different for child refugees?’ and, ‘if you were a refugee, what would you take?’

Refugees: In their own words

Refugees - In their own words

Suitable for lessons in Geography, Citizenship and English, ActionAid’s secondary school resources on the refugee crisis will help your students to understand the lives and experiences of refugees as they tell their own stories, in their own words.

Queens of Syria

Queens of Syria

Queens of Syria is the story of fifty Syrian refugee women, now living in Jordan, who came together to create and perform their own version of The Trojan Women, the timeless Greek tragedy by Euripides about the plight of women in war.

Refugees: Welcome

British Red Cross Refugee Week 2016

This teaching resource from the British Red Cross is designed to help young people gain a better understanding of the humanitarian impact of the refugee crisis. Activities build learners’ empathy for the real people affected by the crisis.

Refugee Week resources

These British Council resources have been developed in collaboration with First News. They support teaching activities during Refugee Week, an annual event which celebrates the positive contributions that refugees have made to the UK.