Refugee Week

This resource was produced for the Global Learning Programme (GLP), England, for lesson planning during Refugee Week.

CAFOD’s Refugee Animation

Every minute 30 people are forced from their homes. This animation encourages children and young people to reflect on journeys made in history and by their own families. It explains that the refugee crisis is global, yet the vast majority of refugees stay close to their home countries.


Refugees from Libya Queue for Food at Tunisia Transit Camp UN Photo on

There are millions of refugees in the world today, and many UK schools have pupils who are refugees or asylum-seekers. Refugees are often negatively portrayed in the media and may experience racism as a result. Teaching about the reasons people become refugees and exploring related issues of rights and justice can create a more empathetic environment.

IRIN Films – humanitarian news and analysis

These short documentary films from the United Nations’ Office for the Co-ordination of Humanitarian Affairs present forgotten humanitarian crises. Examples include hard-hitting topics such as: problems with recent elections in Kenya, female