Launched in March 2005 by Christian Aid and the Irish development agency Trocaire, togetherTV gives individuals in the developing world a rarely heard voice.

European Wealth, African Poverty: Why?

A secondary History and Geography resource, using images to investigate and question the history of poverty in Africa. It unravels seven myths about why Africa has become poorer since 1500, while Europe has become richer.

Global Issues 2

This is the second in a series of five write-in project organizers, one for each year of the International Baccalaureate’s Middle Years Programme (which covers ages 11-16). It contains six units, each with a different theme drawn from the UN Millenni

STEM careers in development

STEM careers in development

Students are often unaware of the opportunities open to them if they study STEM subjects at school. These resources from Practical Action, comprising of a poster and four case studies, are designed to increase awareness of the just some of the potential careers open to them in international development.

There You Go!

This satirical cartoon booklet from Survival International takes a wry look at the concept of ‘development’ and aims to communicate simply what is wrong with imposing external notions of development on indigenous communities. It is available free

PACE Virtual Explorer for Geography

This resource is based on a set of environmental education films created for the Pan African Conservation Education Project (PACE), an initiative which aims to communicate practical solutions to environmental problems across the continent of Africa.

Médecins Sans Frontières A-level French video resources

These French language resources from Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) UK are free and can be downloaded for use in the classroom. They are short videos accompanied by a transcript and an exercise. The aim is to provide authentic and engaging resources, as well as to raise awareness of MSF’s work in the field

The Atlas of Human Migration

This atlas maps contemporary migration against its economic, social, cultural and demographic contexts, and traces the story of migration from its historical roots to its causes and effects today.

Practical Action video gallery

Practical Action video gallery

Practical Action’s schools video gallery contains a number of short films from Practical Action that teachers in both Primary and Secondary schools may find useful as support material or starting points for lessons across the curriculum.