World Stories

One in eight children in the UK speaks a language other than English as their first language. This website is a growing collection of short stories, both new and traditional, from all around the world. The stories are available in English, plus their

Can Values Change the World?

This is a CPD activity we pulled together, using quotations from a range of other folk who have spent time thinking and writing about values. Its purpose is to provoke discussion about what is meant by ‘values’ and to raise questions such as: whose values count? who decides?; are values the same as, or different […]

Treasures of Maqdala

Pupils learn about how some of the Ethiopian artefacts in museums in the UK came to be here and the repercussions this is still having today. They debate whether or not they think the artefacts should be returned to Ethiopia.

Time 2 Think

This website supports teaching and learning around how we can better understand self, others and the wider world. It has a bank of classroom and CPD resources that you can pick up and use straight away. These are accompanied by support materials

Millennium Development Goals

Our 2012-13 Global Wallplanner featured photos that illustrate the Millennium Development Goals, eight international targets for reducing global poverty by 2015. This teaching resource provides further information on the MDGs, and suggests ways to

Secondary Mathematics and Global Learning

Maths has roots in a range of cultures. It gives people powerful tools to represent, analyse and change the world. Students need to be able to apply maths beyond the classroom, and recognise its rich and historical roots.

Perceptions of Africa

This book brings together an inspiring collection of images and activities designed to challenge our perceptions and understanding of the African continent. It developed out of an action research project involving Key Stage 2 teachers but includes a