Extreme Dialogue – Daniel’s story

Extreme Dialogue - Daniel's Story

A counter-extremism educational resource that aims to reduce the appeal of extremism and offer a positive alternative to the increasing amounts of extremist material and propaganda available online.

Women’s Rights

Amnesty International have developed three downloadable resource sheets that include a global dimension to studying gender issues. The first is ‘Global Gender Inequality’, the second ‘Violence Against Women’ and the third is ‘Claiming Women’s Rights’

The State of the Middle East Atlas

This book is an excellent tool for understanding the Middle East and its pivotal role in global politics. It explores the complexity of the region: its emergence from fallen empires, the shaping of its current contours by oil and outside intervention

Amnesty International Resource for Special Schools

Two lesson plans which introduce students to concepts of fairness and unfairness, the human right of freedom of expression and Amnesty’s work in this area. Developed in consultation with teachers working in Special Schools.