Crisis in Yemen

Crisis in Yemen

This resource supports learners aged 11-18 in thinking critically about the complex conflict in Yemen and its human impact. It also provides advice on ways to take action such as writing to their MP or organising a fundraising appeal.

Beating the Blues

Blue moment

Cathy Denford is Artistic Director of Risky Things theatre & film. Here she writes about their educational film Blue Moment and explains how it can be used in the secondary classroom.

Using The Awra Amba Experience to teach Human Rights

Learners at Awra Amba

Serdar Ferit and Paulina Tervo are two Co-founders of Lyfta, a digital storytelling platform. In this blog they introduce the Ethiopian village of Awra Amba and show how its story can be used to teach about human rights.

Refugee crisis resources

Rayyan 7 years old from Iraq with her luggage in Kara Tepe camp in Lesvos, Greece: refugee crisis Lesvos

Liven up your literacy lessons with gripping stories and colourful activities from ActionAid that show what life is like for many child refugees. Use these resources to build literacy and empathy, and to help your class to answer questions such as: ‘How is life different for child refugees?’ and, ‘if you were a refugee, what would you take?’

Fearless women, inspirational leaders

Fearless women, Inspirational leaders

Inspire your school with stories from four fearless women who became inspirational leaders. Use this KS3 and KS4 resource from ActionAid as an assembly or in a citizenship class as a discussion starter on the issue of women’s rights.