Where Will I Live?

Where Will I Live? cover image

This photo-based picture book for ages 4 and above takes a look at the thousands of children around the world forced to leave their homes due to war and conflict.

Beating the Blues

Blue moment

Cathy Denford is Artistic Director of Risky Things theatre & film. Here she writes about their educational film Blue Moment and explains how it can be used in the secondary classroom.

Dollar Street

Dollar Street

This fantastic online photo-resource features photos from over 240 families living in 50 countries around the world. The site arranges them all on a street called Dollar Street, in order of their monthly income. Select from 100 topics to compare photos showing aspects of everyday life, often surprisingly similar for people on the same income level across cultures and continents.

Chembakolli: the complete package

Chembakolli - complete package

Discover the famous village of Chembakolli, India with this set of primary resources from ActionAid. Includes resources on Chembakolli schools, housing, transport, games and toys and of course their famous fair trade tea.

War Child Schools Resource Pack

An excellent set of six lesson plans exploring the impact of war and conflict on children, children’s rights and children’s stories.

Photos for Enquiry

The GA has made available a range of high quality images that can be used in the classroom at all levels to stimulate enquiry among students into a variety of human and physical geographical topics…

Home and Global Learning

This activity kit brings a global dimension into the classroom at primary school level by exploring homes and the way people live in different places around the world. It also looks at what home means to us and why we all need one.

Monsoon proof roof

Monsoon proof roof

A global primary Upd8 from ASE and Practical Action. This resource looks at a ‘big question’ facing Mehrab, a boy who lives in Bangladesh, and his family… what material should they use for their new roof?

No place like home

These activities from British Council Schools Online consider the situation of refugees, usually people who move from one country to another in order to escape from something or someone.

Education for Human Dignity Project

Amnesty International’s Education for Human Dignity project engages with young people to raise awareness, inform debate and stimulate action to tackle the human rights abuses that drive and deepen poverty.