TrueTube is a free online resource for schools providing a platform for debate on social, ethical and political issues. It is aimed at RE, PSHE and Citizenship at Key Stages 3 and 4. Short video clips encourage young people to think, discuss and enga

AIDS and HIV facts from

This site calls itself “the world’s most popular AIDS website”. It has detailed country information about AIDS and HIV around the world. It includes advice and background information for teachers on addressing the issues of HIV/AIDS in the classroom

Positively Global

These books are suitable for work in many subject areas of secondary teaching, and could also be used to support a link with a school in a developing country. The activities in the teaching booklets include lots of interactive ideas,

Global Education website

This website from AusAid (the Australian government’s aid department), provides lots of background information about global issues and suggestions for exploring these in class. It also suggests a variety of teaching activities exploring global

Children’s Rights: Health

This glossy hardback book is one in a series of five to help explore the theme of children’s rights with a younger audience. This book explores the right all children have to receive good health care, and some of the reasons why this does not always